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Post by Kelly O'Neill on Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:26 pm

Hello, and welcome to the Return of the Society of Light Main Page!
Even though this is the 1st piece of the "Return" saga that is in fanfic form, this is the 3rd installment of the series.
For the previous two parts, "Return of the Earthbound Immortals" and "Return of the Arcadia Movement", or "RotEI" and "RotAM" to its patrons, respectively, please go to YCM and search for them.
Keep in mind that, while RotEI ended abruptly, and RotAM is concluding, lugia and I will be working in our spare time on this series, and we will try to satisfy you.
Also, while this isn't an RP, we have decided to include an "interactive" element to our series.
We will periodically post a poll asking you, yes, you, the readers, what the main character(s) should do next. This includes dueling, to an extent.
These polls will last about 24-48 hours, and we will go with the option that you vote the most on.
For now, due to some elements that people may not agree on, we will keep the rating at PG-13, though that might be changed later on.
The first in-story poll will be by the end of the month, and a short intro will be up shortly.
But do remember that lugia and I have lives.
We can't update 24/7.
Just be patient, and we will try to get you your semi-interactive fanfic ASAP.

BTW, Here's the prologue:

The year is 2069.
Over 25 years have past since the 24-Hour War, the catastrophe that shook the world to its core.
The 24-Hour War occurred when the Arcadia Movement rose up from the underworld and tried to enslave humanity.
Humanity fought back, and won, but most of the known world was devastated by the global EMP following the destruction of the Movement's mind-controlling satellites.
Only a few cities were spared, including Neo Domino, to find their metropolises transformed by swarms of nanobots.
The nanobots could be controlled, and allowed the cities to become self-sustainable, and eventually unlocked technology light-years ahead of the rest of the human race.
Eventually, out of the ashes, two powers were born.
The United Nations, once a peacekeeping organization, now controlled most of the post-War world, and united the shattered countries of the world under one banner: the banner of a false peace created out of a corrupt bureaucracy and a military that did anything but keep the peace.
The Interdependent Alliance of Free States, also known as the "IAFS", or just the "Alliance", on the other hand, was born out of the nanotechnology the surviving cities now possessed, and many other cities wanted in.
They linked themselves together using the new transportals, and created a new civilization free of the bureaucracy of the UN.
Over 25 years later, the UN and the Alliance are in a cold war: One has the majority of the world's population and resources, yet wants the luxury of nanobots, while the other is perfectly content to being left alone and to their own devices, yet is denied the ability to expand to the stars.
Now the balance of power is shifting.
A comet, charged with the energies of the Light of Destruction and escorted by an Alien armada, is headed for Earth.
The Society of Light has been reborn in the fourth-world countries, and seeks to cleanse the world of all of its "impurities" by bringing about the end of days.
And the rogue MAGI, or Metalloid Acute Gestalt Intelligence, Casey and Nicole, formerly Gamma and Nu, have reappeared, and have captured Damian and Itsu Atlas.
Fortunately, their twin offspring, Ami and Yumi, have just found out that they are MAGI too, and have reunited with their brother, Damian Atlas Jr., who tells them that they have to potential the save the world.
Now if they could only find the codes that will unlock their MAGI abilities...

Here are some details on the various factions:

The United Nations
Capital: Capitol City (formerly New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, Long Island. Now a sovereign nation called the "Capital Zone".)
Population: >60%
Natural Resources: >70%
Land Control: >60%
Member Nations/ "The G8":
United North American Republic (The United States, Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and Mexico. Capitol of Washington, D.C.)
Latin Union (France, Spain, and Italy, with a little bit of Switzerland. Capitol of Geneva.)
Caledonia (Ireland, Wales, Northern England, and Scotland. Capitol of Dublin.)
New Warsaw Pact (Russia, Eastern Europe, and the old Soviet satellite countries. Capitol of Warsaw.)
Estados Unidos de Centroamerica y America Sur (Also known as the "E.S.C.S.". Contains most of Central and South America. Capitol of Cuidad Central.)
Greater People's Republic of Asia (Contains China and Indochina. Capitol of Beijing.)
Democratic Republic of Africa (Contains Sub-Saharan Africa. Capitol of Revolution.)
United Indiastan (Contains India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Capitol of New Delhi.)
Demilitarized Zones:
Middle Eastern DMZ
Amazonian DMZ
Balkan DMZ
Saharan DMZ
Summary: The United Nations, decades ago, used to be a global forum for countries to peacefully settle their disputes without resorting to war.
Look how THAT turned out.
80 years later, in the chaos immediately after the 24-Hour War, the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces, being one of the few military outfits to not operate on the wireless frequency that most wireless devices operated on, and the one Sayer hacked into, quickly seized the military stockpiles of several countries and "recruited" locals into helping them. The United Nations became the defacto world power overnight, now assisting in "reconstruction" as they attempt to prevent anything like this from happening again by creating a quasi-fascist regime in which weapon ownership is illegal except for the military, everyone is monitored by a special implant, and the planet's growing population of Psychics and MAGI are hunted down.
Now, the UN seeks to take over the few neutral nations and the IAFS in order to have complete world domination.

Interdependent Alliance of Free States
Capitol: Nauru City
Population: >30%
Natural Resources: >20%
Land Control: >25%
Free States: 29 (previous name in parentheses)
New Domino (New Domino and Satellite)
Taiheiyo (Taiheiyo Belt Region. Capitol of Tokyo.)
Nipporaii(Japanese and Hawaiian Islands, Korean Peninsula. Capitol of Honolulu.)
Nauru City (Nauru)
Greater Indonesia (Indonesian Archipelago, Singapore, the Philippines, and the Malaysian Peninsula. Capitol of Jabodetabek, the former cities of Jakarta, Depok, Bogor, and the nearby cities)
Vanatlle (Vancouver, Seattle, and surrounding areas)
Bayland (San Fransisco Bay Area)
California Sur (Southern California and Baja California. Capitol of San Angeles, the former cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, and Tijuana)
Dallas and Fort Worth (Counts as one. Administrative responsibilities are shared.)
Great Lakes (Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Western New York, Northern Indiana, Michigan, Northeastern Illinois, Western Wisconsin, and Southern Ontario. Capital of Chicago.)
New England (The New England States and Atlantic Provinces. Capitol of Boston.)
Paradisa (Southern Florida, the Bahamas, the Yucatan Peninsula, and the Caribbean Islands. Capitol of Havana.)
Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Santiago (The Metropolitan Areas of Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Santiago, respectively. Each counts as their own nation.)
Bretonia (South England. Capitol of London.)
Amsterhine (The Netherlands and Western Germany. Capitol of Dusseldorf.)
Danmark (Denmark. Capitol of Copenhagen.)
Cairo (Metropolitan Area of Cairo.)
Gauteng (The Gauteng Region of South Africa. Capitol of Johannesburg.)
United Arab Emirates
Mumbai and Kolkatta (Metropolitan ares of Mumbai and Kolcatta, respectively. They are each their own nation.)
New Dixie (Nation settled in Antarctica. Claims full control of the continent. Capitol of New Richmond.)
Selene (Nation built out of former lunar colonies. Claims full control of the Moon. Capitol of Port Aldrin.)
Summary: The Alliance was formed out of several small nations and cities that remained intact after the 24-Hour War. They control very little of the planet, are very spread out across the planet's surface, surrounded by hostile "nations", and the only real source of natural resources is New Dixie.
How are they able to remain a collection of nations?
Three answers: Nanotechnology, Transportals, and their political system.
The stores of nanobots used in the transformation of New Domino during the 24-Hour War made the city self-sufficient, with hydroponics systems, cloning vats for both meat and organ production, and advanced construction and manufacturing capabilities. Eventually, this technology was shared with the other members of the Alliance.
The Transportal network links the Alliance's various capitols and major cities together instantaneously. Similar to a fictional Stargate, any one Transportal can link with another Transportal, essentially merging the areas of time and space they occupy and making them one, allowing virtual teleportation between them. Transportals make all of the Alliance cities that contain even one part of the Alliance, and it allows the Alliance military to deploy to its countless borders faster than the UNPF can.
The Alliance's political system seems almost anarchistic to the "democratic" UN, but is actually a form of democracy in of itself that they have dubbed "unocratic". The "unocratic" system allows anyone to do whatever they please, as long as it doesn't interfere with what others want to do. The Alliance possesses a free market economy, which allows no control from the government, such as taxes. Alliance Residents can possess any type of weapon, knowing that anyone that tries anything stupid, they will get killed. The Residents also have no say in the very small political landscape of their nations, and can do pretty much whatever they wish. The system also has a sort of class system. Residents are the majority of the people of the Alliance, while Citizens, which are usually elected after they make a great contribution to the Alliance as a whole, have all of the political power and make the very few administrative decisions. A middle rank, called Civilians, is reserved for civil servants, such as the Military. Civilians are usually on the "fast track" to becoming a Citizen, and are usually awarded Citizenship as a reward.
The Citizen's Council, along with the populace, elects a representative to send to Nauru City to serve as their Citizen-Administrator. Citizen-Administrators, or "CAs", are the effective head of the Citizen's Council of their nation, and serve on the CA Council in Nauru City making the decisions of the Alliance as a whole. In other words, there is no true head of the Alliance, but a group of representatives.
The Alliance has been a beacon of hope for humanity, but that hope is being threatened by the increasingly aggressive UN, and the newly-reborn Society of Light.

The United Catholic Church and its Sovereign Dioceses
Capitol: Vatican City
Population: >5%, but they have 35% of humanity as part of the church.
Natural Resources: >5%
Land Control: >10%
Sovereign Dioceses: 23
Vatican City
San Marino
The Swiss Dioceses (Basel, Chur, Lugano, Sankt Gallen, and Sion)
The Austrian Dioceses (Eisenstadt, Linz, St. Polten, Graz-Seckau, Gurk, Feldrich, and Innsbruck)
The Great Basin Dioceses (Ogden, Salt Lake City, Brigham, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Boise, Reno, Pueblo, and Gallup)
During the 24-Hour War, the Catholic Church became much more powerful as its missions spread far and wide, reaching across to Switzerland and Austria to calm the people and restore proper order. Catholicism had doubled in membership from its 2000 numbers by 2050, and now directly controlled Switzerland, Austria, and most of the Great Basin region in North America, absorbing Mormonism into the Holy See.
The church, governed by Pope Resolute I, formerly Eli Sonda Cross, the first Pope of African ancestry, and the first American Pope, now leads the Holy See towards protecting its flock against the coming war. Catholic churches now have guest speakers lecturing on how not to get involved in gangs and groups of ill repute, as well as giving self-defense lessons. The Catholic Military prepares to defend its dioceses in order to protect the people under their domain.
Yet, inside the Vatican, other gears are turning as the Pope's most trusted servant, a mysterious MAGI called "Gabriel", prepeares to do her master's bidding...

The Society of Light

Zylzyx Dominion

More on the world of 2069 soon!


P.S. This fanfic is also running on YCM, as well as here.
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