Project 001: New D-Wheels

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Project 001: New D-Wheels Empty Project 001: New D-Wheels

Post by Kaze Diamond on Mon Aug 03, 2009 4:40 pm

Kaze was here to test the new project. It was the "New D-Wheels". He, and a couple of designers have been working on this. The first version of this vehicle was there in the middle of the big laboratory. A scientist entered the small room that kaze was looking from, he's and old friend of his.
Man: So Kaze, ready?
Kaze: Let's do this..

Kaze went with the man down to the vehicle, he got in it, and after a brief conversation with his friend, he took a deep breath, and started the engine. He speed up and got out of a kind of bridge from the 4th floor to the ground. The path then got back to its place, to look like it's part of the tower's rocks.

Kaze went to the Turbo Duel Course. See here
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