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Rules of this Section Empty Rules of this Section

Post by Kaze Diamond on Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:16 am

1-The title of your topic must be something like: [Adv/Trad][DeckType]Deck Name. For example: [Adv][OTK]Quilbolt Loop, [Adv][Plant]Black Garden...
2-You must post the strategy of this deck, weather in the beginning or the end of the topic.
3-You must write in the end or the beginning of your topic, the number of cards in each of your Main, Side and Extra Decks.
4-You must group your cards in 5 categories: Monsters, Spells, Traps and Extra Deck, Side Deck. If you don't have any card in one of these categories, write "None".
5-For each card, write: Yx Card Name , where Y is the number of that card in the deck. For example: 3x Quilbolt Hedgehog...
6-You must separate Monsters that requires Tributes from Monsters that don't by 1 line.
7-Respect capitals. "Black Rose Dragon" is better than "black rose dragon".
8-If you're dazed by all this, go check the "Instant Synchro" deck by me in the forum.
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