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Post by Rey Rasvateil on Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:52 am

First Name: Rey
-Last Name: Rasvateil
-Nickname: The Red Dragon Tamer
-Age: 24
-Physical Description: Red Shirt, Black Hair, Blue Jeans
-Mental Description: Mean, Uncaring
-History: He lives alone because something unknown happened to his parents. One day, a mysterious person came to him and gave him a Deck. Rey earned money by dueling with this Deck. He became an awesome Duelist at the age of 17. It is unknown as to what he does in his free time.
-Deck Type: Red-Eyes, random powerful deck
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Rey Rasvateil
Rey Rasvateil

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Character sheet
Full Name: Rey Rasvateil
Gender: Male
Age: 24

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