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After You Joined a Dorm Empty After You Joined a Dorm

Post by Kaze Diamond on Thu Jul 23, 2009 6:15 am

When an admin tells you which dorm you are accepted in, you get the following items:

1 Friendly Synchro Starter Deck.
-Gogiga Gagagigo
-Cyber-Tech Alligator
-X-Saber Anu Piranha
-The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave
-Road Synchron
-Powered Tuner
-Goblin Attack Force
-Penguin Soldier
-Sasuke Samurai
-Des Koala
-Saber Beetle
-Quillbolt Hedgehog
-Junk Synchron
-Speed Warrior
-Sonic Chick
-Magna Drago
-X-Saber Airbellum
-X-Saber Galahad

-Pride of the Weak
-Rush Recklessly
-Giant Trunade
-Tribute to the Doomed
-The Warrior Returning Alive
-Emergency Provisions
-Creature Swap
-Unstable Evolution
-Synchro Boost

-Gottoms' Emergency Call
-Dust Tornado
-Magic Drain
-Raigeki Break
-Limit Reverse
-Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
-Widespread Ruin

-Road Warrior
-Junk Warrior
-X-Saber Urbellum
1 Friendly Duel Disk (You get the Duel Disk that has the color of your dorm).
After You Joined a Dorm Greencopy
After You Joined a Dorm Redcopy
After You Joined a Dorm Yellowcopy
A Friendly PDA.
NOTE: The orange color varies, based on which dorm you joined. (Green for Green Gadget Dorm, Yellow for Yellow Gadget Dorm, Red for Red Gadget Dorm).
After You Joined a Dorm 250uzr8
A Room In The Dorm You Are Part Of.
Each room consists of 1 Bed, 1 Desk, 1 TV, 1 Computer and 1 Wall-Closet.
Two Academy Uniforms.
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