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Presentation Template and Tips and Rules Empty Presentation Template and Tips and Rules

Post by Kaze Diamond on Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:56 am


These are the rules:
1-This is supposed to be a peaceful fictional world, so don't put violent event in your history...
2-The title of your presentation must be your Character's Full Name (You can add nick).
3-Please, inspire yourself by Yu-Gi-Oh! animes characters, and not other animes. This is not an academy where ninjas study, please this rule must be respected.
4-You must post an appearance, from And only from this site.


This topic also contains a friendly template for those who hasn't got that wide imagination.
-First Name: This is the first name of your character.
-Last Name: This is the last name of your character.
-Nickname: Your character's nick (Optional).
-Age: Your character's age.
-Physical Description: Description of your character physically.
-Mental Description: Description of your character mentally.
-History: Story of your character, must be long a little bit.
-Deck Type: Your character's deck type.
-Appearance: PNG image from TekTek.
Of course, you can't stick to the history rule if your character doesn't have an interesting past, or has amnesia. As well as names, if he only has a nick, or a first name. To make your presentations better, inspire yourself by other members presentations.
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