Relyn "Mirror" Green

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Relyn "Mirror" Green

Post by Relyn Green on Sun Aug 02, 2009 7:17 am

-First Name: Relyn

-Last Name: Green

-Nickname: Mirror

-Age: 16

-Physical Description: Relyn is skinny. He's 5ft 10in. And always carries his duel disk with him.. everywhere!

-Mental Description: Relyn is very calm and collected. He loves to Duel! His favorite quote is: "If you can't enjoy dueling, don't even bother dueling me!"

-History: When he was 2 years of age, he watched his parents perish in a house fire. Luckily, his aunt and uncle took him in for the rest of his teenage years. His uncle taught him how to duel and gave him his very first deck (Crystal Beasts)! He has modified it a few times, but he prefers not to alter it too much. He was a freshman at the City's Duel Academy. A year later there, he got into a duel with a Teacher and won. After that, he left the school in search of more powerful opponents. And now he has applied at Duel Fortress! A brand new Duel Academy.

-Deck Type: Crystal Beast


EDIT: I modified the presentation to fit more with the storyline (It isn't based on any Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime) Wink.
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Re: Relyn "Mirror" Green

Post by Kaze Diamond on Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:12 am

Welcome duelist. The Academy informs you that you have been classed in Yellow Gadget Dorm. Now you have your own room. Your Headmaster is Rob. Have fun! Smile
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