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Post by Kaze Diamond on Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:55 pm

-First Name: Kaze
-Last Name: Diamond
-Age: 30
-Physical Description: Kaze is Tall, he has a bit of a muscled body, dark blue eyes and black hair cut small. Kaze usually puts a kind of blue top with a black jeans, a pair of dark red snickers, and a silver watch in his right hand (He's left-handed).
-Mental Description: Kaze is very smart, he is usually calm and funny, and have quick reflexes.
-History: Born in the city, he starts dueling at the age of 5. After wining a tournament of junior duelists at a young age, he decides to join the city's duel academy. When he was 14, he became the academy's best duelist. A year later, he builds his first D-Wheel. At the age of 17, and after becoming the academy's best Turbo duelist, Kaze quits the academy and studies designing, After 3 years of hard study, Kaze becomes a Duel Designer, and works in Delta Corp. 5 years later, he gets promoted to Vice President of Delta Corp. Kaze is thirty, he is chosen to be the Director of both the new Gadget Duel Academy, and Delta Corp Researches and Developpements of the island. Kaze has a sister who is 5 years older than him.
-Deck: Unknown. (Kaze rarely duels).
-D-Wheel: An old model, he keeps it in the city, in his parent's house garage.
-Awards and Titles: 1/Winter Junior Cup, 2/Academy King, 3/Academy Turbo King, 4/Academy Youngest King. (He keeps them in his office, on the wall).
-Vehicle: Kaze drives a car.
-Appearance: Kaze Diamond 3439254
Kaze Diamond
Kaze Diamond

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Full Name: Kaze Diamond
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